GAWP – Who Is She EP
  GAWP is a heat factory, stamped and certified, with previous releases spanning from Dirtybird, This Ain't Bristol, Main Course, Perfect Driver, Nightbass & more. His first outing on Psycho Disco! leads off with Who Is She, a chugging dirty tech number laced with classic ghetto whistles & an infectious vocal loop. The flip, Gold... Read More
Zendlo debuts B.F.B. EP
Our new signee Zendlo is a blast of fresh air among the stale copycat-ness of the non-descript tech-house hordes these days. His original vocals laced with zapping synth wizardry have shocked every dance floor they've touched so far. B.F.B happily marries forward thinking tech with nostalgic booty house, also you get +10 psycho points if... Read More
PSYCH 202 Compilation
  Today we drop our annual artist showcase compilation, Psych 202! We've been out researching & collecting heat from wherever our travels lead us, which brings us to Psych 202. Showcasing a heavy new wave of talent, mixed with a few trusty Psycho OGs for good measure, this comp is set to melt the summer... Read More
Proper Villains – Work This [FREE DOWNLOAD]
  Proper Villains has been having quite a big year since we dropped his "Twenty Four-Seven / Kutumaini" EP back in March, going on to have killer EP's out on well respected labels alongside some heavy remixing! We thought it'd be a nice gift to everyone who has been supporting the label for the past... Read More
FOOLiE Unleashes Becky EP
  The mystery man only known as FOOLiE comes swinging out of left field with his first Psycho Disco! outing. The sound design on "Becky" can mind-fuck the average sober brain, so imagine what it does to an inebriated dance floor. Tried & tested from the Psycho crew, it detonates every club it's touched. Pure... Read More
Holt 88 – Hoo Dow EP
  Holt 88 is one of our favorite new acts since stepping on the Brazilian scene in 2016. Bizarre synth riffs, unorthodox track compositions & deep 808 bass is a combo we can't enough of. We're not sure what the fuck "Hoo Dow" means but we love it. Creepy banger is really the only way... Read More
Hood Rich & Mike McFly – Goldbrick EP
  The fellas Hood Rich & Mike McFly have been dropping big tunes all over the place as of the past few years, but we gladly welcome their first outing on Psycho Disco! Their collab, "Goldbrick", is a thick slice of techy funk. The big freaky buildups are countered by serious low-end pressure & unique... Read More
Pass The 40 – All We Came To See EP
  Hailing from Dallas, Texas, Pass The 40 debuts his first EP today. He began producing in 2005 and since has been heavily involved in the Dallas electronic music scene. The first track "All We Came To See" is a straight party starter leading off with it's infectious whistles and catchy line, "Throw that thing... Read More
Get to Know Ocean Roulette
  Today we are debuting Ocean Roulette's "Froze Up" EP- out on all platforms! The 24 year old Los Angeles based aficionado has been making music for years, refining his unique sound and skilled producing technique. "Froze Up" caught our attention with it's unique and appealing sound design- such a catchy well produced tune. "Wicked"... Read More