Get to Know Ocean Roulette


Today we are debuting Ocean Roulette’s “Froze Up” EP- out on all platforms! The 24 year old Los Angeles based aficionado has been making music for years, refining his unique sound and skilled producing technique. “Froze Up” caught our attention with it’s unique and appealing sound design- such a catchy well produced tune. “Wicked” enchants with a magnetizing bass line that forces your body to move! Ocean Roulette for sure knows what he’s doing- and is definitely one to look out for.


What inspired you to start making music?

I began making music as part of a rock band in 2010, but artists such as Boys Noize inspired me to be a “one man band” and create electronic dance music as a solo artist.

Describe yourself to us, the best you can in just one sentence.

I am a 24 year old SoCal kid who loves to camp in the desert.

You have a pretty distinct style when it comes to your music. Where does this stem from?

My style comes from my love of psych music. Bands like Animal Collective and Toro Y Moi are bold and unpredictable in their sound design and layers of arrangement. My goal is always to create a type of psychedelic sound collage with every track.

What’s your perspective on the California music scene and where do you see it going in the future?

In SoCal it feels as though electronic music has been big for sometime but more recently house music is beginning to catch up with bigger events happening such as Desert Hearts and CRSSD. I think people are growing more open minded towards deeper styles of music and I think the parties that cater to that transition from main stage to techno stage will prosper the most. Night Bass is a good example of a house event that can impress bass heads and people with different genre tastes.

As for your Froze Up EP, did your computer freezing up while making tracks really inspire you to make a song about it?

There was a day where my computer began freezing up a bunch because of a heavy Ableton project. One of those times my cellphone also froze on me, and it was in that moment when I couldn’t use either device that I felt frustrated enough to write out some lyrics!


Listen to and Download Ocean Roulette’s Froze Up EP HERE

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