Gettoblaster & Missy drop Bounce Back EP


The Gettoblaster guys have been on a non stop roll lately- with owning their own label (We Jack), to releasing a twenty-track booty house album (Pineapples and Palm Trees). They made a splash at ADE last October and have had numerous chart topping releases- one of them being Bang To The Beat on Todd Terry’s label. We also can’t forget to mention their bangin’ Knock Knock release with us back in February! What caught our attention with this EP is it’s super raw club sound- and of course their signature four-on-the-floor style. Bounce Back serves you with that deep pulsating bass and Glock On My Strap with the gutter vibes. We cant get enough! They’ve been collaborating quite a bit with their friend and vocalist/producer Missy. As for how their collaboration came about- Missy volunteered to do some vocals on a track for them after hearing them complain about needing a vocalist. Turns out she ended up impressing them with her producing skills as well and they’ve been collaborating ever since!

Listen to and download Gettoblaster & Missy – Bounce Back / Glock on my Strap HERE.


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