Get to Know MKJAY


Having previously released on the Psycho Killers compilation, we had to bring MKJAY back for his own EP. At just 20 years old and hailing from Brazil, his raw driving club-ready sound is already infecting parties and DJ’s worldwide. His newest EP, First Ride / Ladies releases tomorrow, May 4th. Luckily for you, we’ve included an exclusive preview down below!


It seems like you have a diverse taste in music. What producers, DJ’s or artists inspired you the most growing up?

Yes, definitely. There are so many, but i can say Chris Lorenzo, Disclosure, Wade, Billy Kenny, Green Velvet, Preditah, Treasure Fingers, Friend Within, Chris Lake, Redlight, Shift K3y, Sonny Fodera, Low Steppa, rrotik… the list is too big

As an outsider looking in, Brazil has so many great producers at the moment. What’s the party scene there like?

The Brazilian scene has grown a lot in the last years, nowadays we have a lot of events all over Brazil, a lot of new and talented guys (Sweets & Treats Crew). Brazilian people definitely love e-music. I think the scene just needs new stuff, sometimes it seems generic- btw Brazil rules, bro! hahaha

What’s your favorite song to drop in a set, currently?

Oh boy! It’s one of my IDs but I’ve been playing a lot Green Velvet, Prok & Fitch – Luv Dancin, of course after Despacito

What’s the craziest or funniest thing you’ve ever seen at a party?

This is the hardest question hahaha I won’t lie, every gig insane things happens. Had a day that a DJ friend jumped into the crowd from a height of 3 meters (or more). The best part…the party was empty hahaha it was hilarious.

What do you do on your free time outside of music?

I try spend all my time working on music but when i’m not doing this, I’m probably watching some weird movie on Netflix or chilling out with my friends.


First Ride / Ladies OUT TOMORROW! ↓


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